The Animals At Yorkshire Wildlife Park Are Having A Wild Time During Lockdown

The Animals At Yorkshire Wildlife Park Are Having A Wild Time During Lockdown
The animals are having a great time while the park is closed.

It’s been a pretty shit time as the country suffers through the Coronavirus pandemic, with a whole lot of bad news constantly flooding our feeds with the latest COVID-19 updates. But amid the crisis comes some wholesome content, as animals at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park have themselves a wild old time as the ‘hoomans’ self-isolate.

The park may have temporarily closed its gates while the country abides by the government’s latest lockdown rules, but that hasn’t stopped the animals and their keepers from hanging out while the park’s eerily quiet.

The park rangers who are still on site (safely) caring for the cute creatures have been documenting their time alone during the lockdown, with a series of episodes being uploaded to the park’s Youtube channel to keep us all updated while we’re stuck at home.

Speaking of the closure, CEO John Minion said: “The site is very strange without our guests here. Very quiet and empty. Even the animals know that something has changed. Our dedicated animal team will not just be feeding and cleaning out the animals but making sure that they have environmental enrichment to keep them happy.”, continuing that they’d reopen “when the time is right”.

A polar bear has a play during lockdown | Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

And while we do miss our occasion stroll around the 120-acre park, we’re sure to keep up with the animals antics, from lunchtime with the meerkats to what our guy Colin’s up to while hanging out with the animals across the park. Who knows, maybe next week we’ll see some tigers!

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