Watch ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Series 3 Trailer Below

Watch ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ Series 3 Trailer Below

We’ve been watching the developments on our favourite Channel 5 series All Creatures Great and Small, which has just wrapped up filming for series three in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales.

This season, set in 1939, will undoubtedly be laced with references to the oncoming Second World Conflict, and it appears to be the cast as the cast reiterated in an exclusive interview with Radio Times.

The cast of the hit show has been discussing how the war will affect each character differently. Ahead of the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, the cast spoke about the impact of the Second World War on this series.

Watch All Creatures Great and Small series 3 trailer below:

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Credit: Channel 5

Callum Woodhouse who plays the loveable character, Tristan Farnon said that “the shadow of war is going to be sort of cast over the whole season”.

Anna Madley, who plays Audrey Hall, it will explore “how each character responds to the idea that war could be becoming” and acts as “an exploration of the generations, of how it affects them differently.”

Talking in the Radio Time interview: Helen Alderson actress Rachel Shenton said “it definitely feels there’s a shift. Particularly towards the end of the series there’s a definite shift and sort of the stakes are higher and things feel a bit more serious than we’ve perhaps experienced before.”

Credit: Channel 5

Don’t worry though, we can still expect a lot of the same wholesome helping and saving animals factor that makes the show so popular. Woodhouse said that “It’s still all these guys who were trying to sort of keep themselves going and keep themselves happy in the way that they do, you know heading to the pub and things like that.

“We’re still helping animals and saving animals, there’s still a very human part to the show.”

James Herriot actor Nicholas Ralph said that it will be “full of love, laughter, all the good things that people enjoy and a lot of a warmth as well. So it will be kind of bittersweet perhaps.”

“We can’t ignore the war at all, you know that is a massive thing looming over all these characters,”

“It will affect them all in various different ways as something like that would even kind of beneath the surface in some cases, which is really interesting. Of course lots of lovely, warm moments as well. And really funny, it’s really funny this season as well.”

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