BBC Viewers Have Mixed Reviews of New Yorkshire Police Drama As It’s ‘Nothing Like Happy Valley’

BBC Viewers Have Mixed Reviews of New Yorkshire Police Drama As It’s ‘Nothing Like Happy Valley’

The new BBC crime drama Better aired last night and was met with mixed reviews. Some hoping for it to be the next Happy Valley took to Twitter to grumble.

Others thought the new show set in Leeds was captivating with the wonderful West Yorkshire city making the perfect backdrop for the police drama.

The new five-part thriller follows the life of DI Loud Slack played by Leila Farzad and her search for redemption. Her aim is to bring down Col Mc Hugh, played by Andrew Buchan, who she has cared for like a brother who is the new head of the Leeds criminal underbelly.

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Viewers were hoping for a drama to fill the void of Happy Valley, and have been left wanting. But, it’s hard to compare – and we feel you shouldn’t.

Viewers have had almost ten years with Catherina Cawood and it’s time to let Loud Slack tell her story. Yorkshire folk have the benefit of enjoying Leeds as the backdrop as well.

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The first episode saw Di Lou Slack making dodging dealings in a house where a murder victim had been brutally done in and some viewers weren’t thrilled with the episode.

One person wrote: “Well done @BBC on giving another boring, slow effort of what you call ‘Drama'” And another wrote. @ASuperGav said: “Oh dear. After a promising start, we’ve gone into BBC mode of a very slow crawl #Better”

Whereas other viewers loved the new show writing: “BBC’s #Better is excellent. Sarah Lancaster is fortunately still very much with us, but in necessity, the central actress in this drama, Leila Farzad, would be a great alternative.”

Another agreed – urging people to give it a go: “It’s not really fair to compare any new BBC drama to Happy Valley, although I understand why people are. HV was a masterclass & matching it is an impossible expectation. Also, it’s so fresh in our minds. I wasn’t sold on The Gold, but I quite enjoyed Better so will stick with it.”

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