‘Gentleman Jack’ Actress Suranne Jones Discusses ‘Tiring’ Reality Of Being Anne Lister

‘Gentleman Jack’ Actress Suranne Jones Discusses ‘Tiring’ Reality Of Being Anne Lister

We are still recovering from the season finale of the popular BBC drama Gentleman Jack. The ending had us in tears and with no news of a third series yet, we won’t know if we’ll ever recover.

Anne Lister has had it from all directions this series with Mariana meddling in her relationship, her relationship being leaked to the press and other events that have led to us seeing another side of Lister’s personality.

Suranne Jones who plays the lead actor Lister explained how Gentleman Jack can be tiresome to the press, The Express reports saying: “I think the balls she’s got now in season two…she’s got her wife, she’s setting up her life, she’s spending her money.

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Credit: BBC

“It’s like super-charged, she’s fighting the tribe, she’s protecting her assets, she’s fighting for what she wants, the wills and the division of the estates. I think that helps kind of give us this Anne Lister which is different to season one.”

The only hint of a new series that we’ve had is when speaking to the Metro at a recent Sky Up Next event she said: “We don’t know! We’re just kind of like, it’s in the hands of BBC and HBO so I’m sure there’ll be talks now.”

“I know all the fans really want it, Sally [Wainwright, the show’s creator and writer] really wants to write it.”

“As with anything, has there been enough people watching it? Is there enough need for it? I think there is, but yeah… let’s see.”

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