Gogglebox’s Jenny Newby Has Fans In Stitches As She Takes On The ‘Death Slide’ At Hull Fair

Gogglebox’s Jenny Newby Has Fans In Stitches As She Takes On The ‘Death Slide’ At Hull Fair

Jenny Newby of the iconic Yorkshire duo from Hull had the pair’s followers in stitches as she posted a video of her sliding down a ‘death slide’ at Hull Fair with her great-granddaughter.

The TV star, known from the popular Channel 4 show ‘Gogglebox’, visited the popular Hull Fair and was seen coming flying down the slide at the end of the funhouse ride – and fans of the pair were loving it.

Posting to Instargam the caption read: ” think Jenny has fully recovered this is what happens when you go to Hull fair with your great granddaughter 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 you ok Jen #Hullfair #gogglebox“. And, you ok Jen indeed.

The clip sent many into a fit of nostalgia as they remembered their own trip to the biggest fair in Europe with one person writing: “Crikey, I remember going on that years ago, looks painful.” And another wrote: “Was it the Outer Limits? Use to love that as a kid god knows why took my kids on a few years ago and it was a bit poo pants”.

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Either way fans enjoyed the clip with one person enjoying it a little too much saying: “I have watched this 5948474748 times.”

Another wrote: “Jenny looked taken back hope she can make the day last” noting that Jenny looked a little taken aback.

And a third wrote: “Omg Jenny, that looked bloody painful, hope your OK?”

The video has been viewed over 500k times and gained over 33k likes, which shows just how much the viewers have enjoyed Jenny’s adrenaline-fueled antics.

The Gogglebox team recently won big at the NTA Awards taking home the award for Best Factual TV Show at the National Television Awards this year.

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