BBC Happy Valley Fans Spot ‘Mad’ Issue With Tommy Lee Royce’s At End Of Latest Episode

BBC Happy Valley Fans Spot ‘Mad’ Issue With Tommy Lee Royce’s At End Of Latest Episode

For the fourth time this month Happy Valley has fans on the edge of their seats. With just two more instalments left to go for the BBC One drama, it’s left fans wanting Sergeant Catherine Cawood and Tommy Lee Royce to clash for one last time.

This article will contain spoilers…

With a week left before Cawood retires from the force, Tommy Lee Royce has escaped and is on the run once again. The news will come as bad news for Catherine who recently found out that her grandson Ryan, has been visiting the villain in prison, which led to the greatest confrontation on British television between Catherine and Claire.

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Ryan got the train to Leeds to watch father Tommy stand trial for the murder of Gary Gaggowski who Catherine found in the reservoir in episode one.

Tommy was helped to escape by his gangland associates and he wasted no time punching his guards before jumping out of the box. The scene is a perfect example of why James Norton is a great shout for the new James Bond role.

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Fans loved the episode but were quick to point out the flaw in the episode as TV magic was used during the scene where James Norton ran out of court to nearby newsagents where he changed into bicycle clothing and rode off unnoticed.

Eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that Tommy wasn’t in Leeds, to begin with, one person tweeting: “Mad how Tommy escapes from Bolton and ends up in Leeds #HappyValley,” with a screengrab of Tommy running through the streets and one showing him on the bike.

Another agreed to say: “Tommy Lee Royce entering a newsagent in Bolton and exiting in Leeds. I’m never going in that newsagent. #HappyValley.” @DavidLaney commented: “Happy Valley filming continuity amazing. He breaks out of court exterior scenes Bolton. Dives into a newsagent in Bolton town centre but rides his bike away from God knows where?! Definitely not Bolton #HappyValley.”

It’s not the first time people have noticed filming taking place outside of Yorkshire. The iconic cafe scene which was meant to be in Sheffield was actually filmed in Bolton.

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