Jeremy Clarkson Has Blunt Response To Fan Asking If He’d Buy ‘Top Gear’ Rights If It’s Cancelled

Jeremy Clarkson Has Blunt Response To Fan Asking If He’d Buy ‘Top Gear’ Rights If It’s Cancelled

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is currently recovering from an accident caused whilst filming Top Gear and the show’s chief content officer, Charlotte Moore feels it would be ‘really inappropriate’ to resume filming whilst he is on the mend.

The pause has left some fans’ minds wandering and one such fan asked Jeremy Clarkson, a former presenter of the show, if he could buy the rights if the show was ‘cancelled’.

Clarkson, who is currently seeing great success with his Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm said in his column earlier this month that Top Gear had to be saved, so you can see where the fan’s questions came from.

Flintoff was involved in an incident on the test track back in December last year whilst filming and is still recovering from the accident.

Credit: Prime Video

BBC’s Top Gear’s future is ambivalent currently as LADBible reports chief content officer at the BBC, Charlotte Moore said: “My priority at the moment is supporting Freddie through his recovery so I think it would be really inappropriate for us to resume filming now.

“I think when we get to the point where he feels ready… and we’ll get to thinking about getting him back.”

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She continued: “I think we’ve got to talk about what Freddie wants to do. When someone’s in recovery, I don’t think we would push that… I think that would be really inappropriate, I wouldn’t be happy.

Taking to Twitter, one fan Tweeted: “@JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond @MrJamesMay. Now that Top Gear is cancelled, is there a chance you can buy the naming rights and maybe return as a trio??? please.. pretty please?”

Clarkson response to the tweet was fair enough really – writing: “Er. We never went away. The three of us are still very much at it.”

Fans were quick to respond to Clarkson’s comment with one person writing: “Er, how would we know, as there hasn’t been an episode of @thegrandtour for 7 months.”

Whilst another wrote: “How long before the next episode?”

Clarkson does have a point as there have been four series of the popular Prime Video show The Grand Tour, which features all of the trio from the previous Top Gear show.

It’s unclear when we will see the trio together for a new series of the popular show. Clarkson has his hands with the increasingly popular Clarkson’s Farm, which is filming a series three after a much-anticipated second series dropped earlier this year.

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Feature Image Credit: BBC

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