Jimmy Carr Reveals His Favourite Yorkshire Phrase – And It’s A Goodun

Jimmy Carr Reveals His Favourite Yorkshire Phrase – And It’s A Goodun

There’s nothing better than a Yorkshire accent. And in one of his live shows, Jimmy Carr was asked to perform one to which he obliged.

The old clip from an old stand up show is doing the rounds on TikTok and we think it’s bloody hilarious.

The comedian was asking what accent he should try for the audience when one Yorkshire person shouted “Yorkshire”. Jimmy then proceeded to give it his best shot and you can what it in the video below:

The video which has been shared to TikTok has garnered over 300k views, 17k likes and 1k shares proving he’s hit the nail on the head – or that fuming Yorkshire folk are sharing the video to vent.

Jimmy Carr responds by saying “it’s £25 a ticket. I thought we priced you out” making light of the stereotype that us Yorkshire folk don’t like to dip our hands in our pockets.

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He then says one of Yorkshire classic phrases: “I say what I like, and I like what I bloody well say”

Before listing some of Yorkshire’s most popular items: “Whippet, Tetley, frugal, cricket”, although we might have to correct him it’s Yorkshire Tea not Tetley around these parts.

He then reveals his favourite Yorkshire phrase is “Tin, tin, tin” which all Yorkshire folk will know means ‘it isn’t in the tin’.

Users were quick to priase the comedian with on person saying: “that sounds like my mam and grandma”.

Another wrote: “£25 quid, damn it. He’s onto us.”

And a third noticed his slip up writing: “f****** tetleys, we sup yorkshire tea”, which is fair enough.

Yorkshire is definitely one of the country’s most recognised accents, and the proof is in the pudding with it winning the sexiest accent and most trustworthy in the UK.

The reason we know this is that if you’ve ever been anywhere outside of Yorkshire and speak, nine times out of ten someones will try speaking your accent back to you.

We enjoyed Jimmy Carr’s attempt at a Yorkshire accent and can tell he shows signs of knowing the region – as a touring comedian we can imagine he’s been here enough times.

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