Johnny Vegas ‘Walks Out’ Of ITV This Morning Show After Josie Gibson’s Hilarious Remark

Johnny Vegas ‘Walks Out’ Of ITV This Morning Show After Josie Gibson’s Hilarious Remark

Star of hit Channel 4 show Carry on Glamping, Johnny Vegas was on This Morning promoting the second series when interviewer Josie Gibson put her foot in it and ‘upset’ the hilarious comedian.

Johnny Vegas: Carry On Glamping follows Vegas and his longer-suffering assistant Bev Dixon as they collect a range of old derelict vehicles into a boutique glamping experience. And, will flow Vegas as he looks for a new location as his vehicles couldn’t cope with the Yorkshire weather on their Field of Dreams campsite.

Vegas is known for derailing most shows that he features on and the morning show was no exception. During part of the interview with Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson, he was discussing how various things had gone wrong on the show such as the minibus which had been transported to the UK had crashed into a barn upon arrival.

Credit: ITV

He said: “We always said I don’t want to do that show where because you’re on telly everything works out for you. It doesn’t, you know. And it’s life isn’t it?”

Josie replied: “It certainly doesn’t for you.” To which Johnny erupted into laughter before adding: “Shall I just walk off and cry now?”

Whilst Josie was horrified with what she’s said quickly noting: “I meant on the show!”, Vegas played it off with fake sobs.

Johnny said: “That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard in an interview. ‘Life doesn’t go to plan does it?’ ‘Well it doesn’t for you’.”

Watch the clip of Johnny Vegas on ITV’s This Morning below:

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