Man Leaves Public In State Of Shock After Tea Hack Shared To TikTok

Man Leaves Public In State Of Shock After Tea Hack Shared To TikTok

A man has left the British public in a state of shock due to an unconventional tea preparation that some are labeling a ‘blasphemy’ against the beloved beverage.

It appears that the person offering to make tea at the office might need an accompanying audience, given the recent trend of adding peculiar elements to their brews. This individual, identified as Lem on TikTok with the handle @lemtiktok7, shared a video showcasing his stomach-turning twist to the classic cuppa.

The TikTok user starts the brew making in the usual way, tea bag, water. Things are going pretty well. But, then he makes a U-turn and decides a cheeky bit of milk isn’t good enough and instead reaches for thick gloopy custard as a substitute.

Whether the custard was heated remains unclear, leaving room for concern about potential lumps. Undeterred, Lem stirred the custard into his tea, sparking horror among thousands of TikTok users. He boldly captioned the video, “Custard in a cuppa, trust me, don’t knock it till you try it.”

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His explanation for this unconventional concoction was a milk shortage that spurred his “initiative.”

This bold move stirred widespread outrage on social media, one person said: “death or custard in tea mmmmm I’ll get back to you”.

Whist another agreed writing: “there’s not a day goes by that this app doesn’t stress me out”.

Some agreed with the TikTok user writing: “I’ve done this for years”, and “anything would taste nice with custard though it’s pure sugar.

Check out the viral brew video from TikTok below:


Custard in a cuppa trust me dont knock it till you try it #fyp #foodie

♬ Cream – Lem

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Feature Image Credit: lemtiktok7