This York Pub Is Known As The Most Haunted In The City

This York Pub Is Known As The Most Haunted In The City

From the outside, the unassuming pub on the busy York city centre street looks like any other, but this traditional ale house and inn has a dark past and is knowns as the most haunted pub in York. The Golden Fleece dates back to 1503 so there’s no surprise that it has a few secrets.

The Golden Fleece, recognisable due to a large golden fleece hanging above the door, is extremely haunted and is known to be home to fifteen spectres. The pub and inn’s most notable resident is Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, who used to be the owner of the hotel as well as the mayor of York.

Credit: The Golden Fleece

The pub was built in 1503, and many guests have reported seeing Alice wandering the corridors of the hotel up and down the staircases in the small hours of the night. Furniture is also known to be moved by the ghost.

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Stepping into the pub with its quirky uneven corridors and old-fashioned furnishings you instantly feel like you’ve time-travelled back to the 16th-Century. And, as one of York’s oldest ever coaching inns the place has an aura around it that only visiting it yourself can make you understand.

Credit: The Golden Fleece

Other ghosts that are said to be found in the old inn are a red coat in uniform holding a pistol, known as One-Eyed Jack. Then there is a grumpy old man, who is often sighted at the bottom bar area. A boy was trampled to death by horses outside the inn during the Victorian period and he is said to have been sighted in the top bar area.

Credit: The Golden Fleece

There is also said to be a Canadian airman who fell to his death from one of the windows during World War II along with Roman soldiers in the cellar of the hotel where dead criminals are known to have been stored whilst relatives came to identify them.

If you think you’d be brave enough to stay, then check out more here.

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