Netflix Has Confirmed Its Password Sharing Crackdown Is Finally Happening

Netflix Has Confirmed Its Password Sharing Crackdown Is Finally Happening

Have that family member or friend that loves mooching your Netflix account? Or, saving a few pennies by going halves with someone? Well, that will soon be a thing of the past under Netflix’s new rollout.

Under the new crackdown, the TV streaming company is trying to prevent the practice of sharing passwords between households. The new feature would stop users from handing over their details to friends and family.

The controversial update has been confirmed, which means some people are set to be out of pocket as they may have to sign up to their own Netflix account.

Netflix is offering people the option to add paid sharing a less expensive version than the full plan, which isn’t as good been free but, will have to do for those users out there.

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Netflix confirmed the news saying: “Later in Q1, we expect to start rolling out paid sharing more broadly. Today’s widespread account sharing (100M+ households) undermines our long term ability to invest in and improve Netflix, as well as build our business.”

It continued “While our terms of use limit use of Netflix to a household, we recognize this is a change for members who share their account more broadly,”

“So we’ve worked hard to build additional new features that improve the Netflix experience, including the ability for members to review which devices are using their account and to transfer a profile to a new account.

“As we roll out paid sharing, members in many countries will also have the option to pay extra if they want to share Netflix with people they don’t live with. As is the case today, all members will be able to watch while traveling, whether on a TV or mobile device.”

Only time will tell what effect the may have. Netflix’s new feature will help soften the blow but it is still unclear what the changes will mean. It is clear that Netflix wants to clamp down on password sharing but unclear when if will arrive in the UK.

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