‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen’s New Lover Divorcing Estranged Wife, Reportedly

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Star Amanda Owen’s New Lover Divorcing Estranged Wife, Reportedly

Our Yorkshire Farm star, Amanda Owen, has been making headlines as reports emerge about her alleged new relationship and its impact on the lives of those involved.

After her 21-year marriage with Clive Owen came to an end last year, it is now reported that Amanda’s rumoured lover, 71-year-old businessman Robert Davies, is in the process of divorcing his estranged wife, Yusami.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star and husband Clive Owen decided to end their marriage last year much to fans dismay.

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The couple rose to fame through the popular Channel 5 show along with their nine children, one of which, Reuben now has his own show, which we are eagerly waiting a second series of.

It was reported that Owen is now seeing buisinessman Robert Davies, 71, who she’s known for five years.

The reported relationship between Amanda and Robert is said to have blossomed during their time working closely together. He was initially hired by Amanda to launch a website promoting her work after her national prominence four years ago.

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Davies’ wife Yusami, is said to have been left in shock after he walked out on their 12-year marriage after confessing affair with Owen.

The Sun reported that Robert is now filling for divorce with a source saying: “Robert has begun divorce proceedings with Yasumi.

“She’s finding it very difficult and stressful. It’s been a terrible 12 months for her and it’s not getting any easier.

“Robert has moved into a rented property and is pushing to get the legal process sorted. “Yasumi suspects he wants to get the divorce done as soon as possible so that he and Amanda can be together.”

The Mirror says Yusami’s friends claimed last year that she discovered the relationship when she found a love letter to her husband while she was cleaning out his car.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine, speaking to Christine Lampard back in April Clive opened up about his relationship with Amanda and how the show played a part in their break up.

Speaking to Christine Lampard he said: “All I am hearing is poor Clive which is not right. I handled it very badly, the show was such a change in our life and I sadly made a right mess of things and had a massive part to play in our relationship ending.”

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