Price Of Chips To Rise Due To Heatwave, Farmers Say

Price Of Chips To Rise Due To Heatwave, Farmers Say

Just when we thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, potato farmers have dropped the latest bombshell on 2022, announcing that the price of chips could well be driven up due to the ongoing heatwave.

Growers in Yorkshire have warned that the heat has provided terrible growing conditions for their crops, warning that if we don’t receive a bought of rain soon, they’ll be looking at much smaller yields than expected.

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Speaking of the issue to the BBC, North Yorkshire-based John Bannister said: “A potato is over 80% water, so it’s not hard to see why there’s a problem given the dry conditions.

“The long-range forecast is not looking great either. If there is no rain soon, we will be in a very sorry state.

Adding: “Now is a crucial time for potato growers. If it stays dry much longer, we are looking at seriously reduced yields.”

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The issue has escalated due to reduced river levels, too, with farmers banned from using the water from rivers to irrigate. If that wasn’t all, many producers blame the war in Ukraine for continually rising costs, another blow affecting UK food production, and the supermarket’s price tags.

The news comes just months after fish and chip prices were driven up due to the war in Ukraine driving up sunflower oil costs.

Looks like our at-home chip butties are about to get that little bit more expensive… Especially now Lurpak’s about a fiver a tub.

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