Yorkshire Faces Blizzards Of Snow This Weekend As Warnings Issued

Yorkshire Faces Blizzards Of Snow This Weekend As Warnings Issued

Following a glorious sprinkling of snow over much of Yorkshire this week, the Met Office has revealed that the bout isn’t over just yet – with more forecast for this weekend.

Covering the entirety of Yorkshire in a blanket of snow, the Met Office predicts that people will need to brace themselves for further delays – particularly on the roads and with public transport.

Marked as a Yellow weather warning – meaning the prediction is highly likely to happen and bring significant impact – the weather experts also expect that power cuts could take place in some areas, while rural areas could become cut off. Basically, if you’ve been battling with a windscreen scraper for the past few days, there’s more of that to come.

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Lows of -5 degrees are expected across Yorkshire this weekend, however, Sunday, in particular, is predicted to bring snow.

The Met Office says: “A period of snow will lead to some disruption to travel and other activities, before turning to rain later.”

Adding: “A band of snow is expected to move northeast across the UK on Sunday, in most places lasting two to four hours before turning to rain. Places in the southwest of the warning area will be affected first.

“Temporary accumulations of 1-3cm to low levels, and perhaps locally 5-8cm across the Welsh mountains, with any snow starting to melt readily from late morning. While parts of the northeast of England and Scotland will probably stay dry until late morning”

The forecast continues: “In addition to the snow and ice, strong winds are expected across all parts, with gales or severe gales mainly across high ground.

“This will lead to blizzard conditions in some areas for a time. A brief period of freezing rain is also possible, most likely to impact areas from the Pennines northwards, with a consequent risk of ice accretion on structures and power lines.”

In terms of the weather outlook for Christmas, it’s currently unconfirmed whether we’ll be blessed with any idyllic snow, however, showers and mild temperatures are expected, alongside some possible ‘occasional’ snow.

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