Outraged Yorkshire Cafe Owners Say Men Are Still Meeting For Sex At ‘Dogging Hotspot’

Outraged Yorkshire Cafe Owners Say Men Are Still Meeting For Sex At ‘Dogging Hotspot’

A West Yorkshire site near a popular transport cafe is being investigated after owners complain about the area being plagued by people having outdoor sex. It seems the area has been known as a place where things can get a little bit frisky.

Credit Big Baps Cafe

Last month, the owners of Big Baps cafe spoke out about the area near Brighouse being overrun by sexual activity nearby. The owner of the cafe off the M62 says you can see “two or three doggers” every morning when opening up, speaking to Yorkshire Live.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are going to investigate the popular dogging spot after complaints of “male doggers”. A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “It has been passed to the NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) to look into.”

Credit: Big Baps Cafe

It seems that nothing has still been done and the owner feel as though she is “banging her head against a brick wall” Yorkshire Live reported.

Sharon believes it is being dismissed by police as a “political matter” saying “We have been visited by two police officers… They have said there is very little that they can do.”

“When I reported it I thought they would be really shocked and would take instant action. I was really surprised that they just didn’t.”

Sharon has previously said: “My daughter’s 21 and she came over once and said ‘mum I’ve just seen a dogger’ and I said to her ‘it could have been a fisherman’ and she said ‘mum he had his penis in his hand’, they just walk around naked.”

Calderdale Council has also confirmed that they will work with the police to investigate the concerns raised. Councillor Jane Scullion, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategy, said: “Of course, we take all concerns from residents and businesses seriously, and we are investigating these in relation to Wakefield Road, Brighouse, as well as contacting the café owner.

“We will work with the police and other partner organisations to address the concerns.”

Naughty naughty, Yorkshire folk! Three Yorkshire towns and cities were named in the top 20 dogging spots in the UK earlier this year. Cheeky! Check em out here.

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