Yorkshire Wildlife Park Has Introduced Two Cheetahs For The First Time Ever

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Has Introduced Two Cheetahs For The First Time Ever

As Yorkshire Wildlife Park continues its rapid expansion, the South Yorkshire-based tourist attraction has announced the exciting arrival of two new animals – the very speedy Darcy and Brooke, who together mark the first Cheetahs at the park.

Placed in the park’s brand new ‘Cheetah Territory’ – a brand new reserve designed specifically for Cheetahs – the duo will get to enjoy their own private reserves that span part of a whopping 2.5-acre space, giving them plenty of space from one another to live as they would in the wild.

One of the new Cheetahs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

In their natural habitat, female Cheetahs would live in solitary (except when raising cubs), and the species would typically enjoy spaces with long grasses to prowl in and towering trees – which have also been included in the carefully considered reserve.

If that wasn’t all, the park has also included large rock formations, where the Cheetahs can bask in the sunshine on the warmer days.

Darcy, 4, has been brought over from Cork, Ireland, and lives in her own private reserve as part of the new Cheetah territory. The female Cheetah has been specially paired up with Brooke, 13, a male Cheetah who has moved over from Bristol, in the hopes of the pair hitting it off to produce Cheetah cubs.

A Cheetah roaming free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park works hard to help endangered species live on, and the addition of the Cheetahs is just the next step in their already successful breeding programme.

Recent landmark births at the park include sea lion pups, an Amur leopard, a red howler monkey, giant otters, and more.

Dr. Charlotte Macdonald, Director of Animals, said: “The habitat comprises 3 new reserves and two houses, forming a breeding complex which at approximately 2.5 acres is believed to be the largest in Europe. 

“The landscape is enriched with lots of trees, rocks, sandy areas to relax, caves and lookout points which are expected to be popular with the new arrivals. Cheetah have excellent sight and can see prey up to 3 miles away

“We hope that Darcy and Brooke will appreciate the space in Cheetah Territory. In the wild, female Cheetahs are solitary and this only changes when caring for their cubs, whilst males are more social and will live in all-male groups called “coalitions.”

CEO John Minion added: “Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s mission centres on wildlife conservation, education, and animal welfare whilst providing a safe and natural habitat for endangered species.

“Visitors to the park will have the opportunity to observe these incredible cats up close, while also learning about the challenges they face in the wild and how they can actively contribute to their conservation.”

In addition to dozens of large animal habitats across the enormous wildlife walk-through park, guests. can also experience the unique ‘roar and snore’ camping behind the lion enclosure, as well as the state-of-the-art Evolution restaurant, which boasts interactive dinosaurs, soundscapes, special effects and more throughout.

The Cheetah Territory is open now for visitors. Find out more and book here.

[Featured image: Yorkshire Wildlife Park]

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