Yorkshire’s ‘Rich House Poor House’ Millionaire Changed Dad’s Life Now Paying Him £50k-A-Year

Yorkshire’s ‘Rich House Poor House’ Millionaire Changed Dad’s Life Now Paying Him £50k-A-Year

Get ready for a heartwarming yarn. A dad who featured on Channel 5‘s Rich House, Poor House turned his life around after leaving his zero-hour contract to making £50,000 a year.

Ben Gowland-Jeffries appeared on the show back in 2019 with partner Demi and daughter Lillie and was working as a zero-hour contract roofer taking home as little as £30, according to LADbible.

The family were living on 50p per meal and swapped homes with multi-millionaire and former army sergeant Steven Green and partner Gemma Sharples from Redcar, North Yorkshire, who are now property developers.

Swapping lives Steve and Gemma were left with £57 for food, clothes and emergencies for the week. Whereas Ben and Demi had £1,600 to live on after bills.

Credit: Channel 5

The eye opening experience left Redcar’s Steven to continue to help Ben by giving him a job after the show.

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Speaking to Fabulous Steven said: “We’re really close with Ben and Demi now”.

“He’s part of our team,” Steven added. “He’s getting on really well.””His wage when he come on board with us was £10k and he’s now making around about a £50k salary.

“He’s bought a new motorbike and is doing his driving lessons at the minute, Demi’s set up her own beauty business and they’ve actually moved into a bigger house and have now got another child.

“Steven didn’t come from a privileged background and credits his success to a ‘chance’ opportunity that came his way while in the army in 2001.

“I came from a broken family and it was a bit tough.”

“We didn’t have a lot of money.”I ended up going into the army because I couldn’t really see myself progressing anywhere and I started to get into a bit of bother.

“I was pretty fit as a soldier and one of our bosses came in and said there was a coaching course available if anyone wanted to do it because the guy that was meant to go on it was injured.

“I ended up going on it by chance and that really changed my life because it was all about coaching and mindset, having a clear vision and knowing what you want in life.”

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Feature Image Credit: Channel 5

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