Amanda Owen Shares Pics Of Ravenseat Farm Blizzard & Power Cut This Week

Amanda Owen Shares Pics Of Ravenseat Farm Blizzard & Power Cut This Week

If there’s one household we’d love to experience Christmas at, it’s the Owen’s. Not only are the gang one of our favourite TV families to watch (with a bond like no other!), but their home is arguably one of the most idyllic in Yorkshire: Ravenseat Farm.

Sharing behind-the-scenes images from the farm this week, Channel 5 star Amanda Owen revealed that the farm had been hit with blizzards of snow, resulting in a power cut that affected the farm. In a series of images, the Yorkshire Shepherdess showcased exactly what a white Christmas looks like high up in Swaledale, and despite the lack of power, it looks absolutely stunning.

While the rest of us had quite a pathetic dusting, the Owens experienced a gloriously thick glazing of snow, covering the hills, the sheep, and everything in sight.

The idyllic photos showed the kids playing in the snow, snowboarding down the rolling hills and making snowmen, while the sheep frolicked in the ice-cold fields. Like a real-life postcard.

Other photos from later in the day showed one of Amanda and Clive’s youngest children, Clemy, warming up by the fire while holding a candle. The beautiful photos showcase Amanda’s talent as an amateur photographer – perfectly capturing the idyllic nature of the farm during the powercut.

Fans loved seeing the series of snowy photos, calling the images “Picture post card perfect” and expressing their envy over the picturesque scenes.

Others expressed their jealousy of the children’s unique upbringing, leaving comments such as “How fortunate are your kids to live where they do” and “That’s exactly how a childhood should be”.

Rural Swaledale often experiences the worst of winter conditions thanks to its higher altitude and rural location, resulting in plenty of snow in the winter, but bitter cold temperatures during the winter months.

Just last year, famous pub The Tan Hill Inn, which is a short drive away from the farm, was left snowed in (customers included) for three days, while those left in the pub waited for roads to be cleared so they could get back home.

The group left stranded made headlines last year as people followed the story, and even recently reunited for a special party marking one year since they were snowed in.

While Our Yorkshire Farm will not be returning, Clive and eldest son Reuben are currently starring in Beyond The Yorkshire Farm on Channel 5 – which documents the duo on a new adventure together running a digger business.

[Featured image: Amanda Owen/The Yorkshire Shepherdess]

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