Fate Of Fan-Favourite Animal Confirmed By Clarkson’s Farm Star

Fate Of Fan-Favourite Animal Confirmed By Clarkson’s Farm Star

Clarkson’s Farm has brought out a softer side to the straight-talking Yorkshireman, Jeremy Clarkson, who has surprised viewers on a number of occasions when he has gotten emotional over his animals on the farm.

Clarkson’s Farm is one of Prime Video’s top shows, becoming a fan-favourite very quickly. The show follows Clarkson as he runs his 1,000-acre farm in the Cotswolds.

We saw in the second series Clarkson introduce cows on the farm, which made themselves quite a nuisance to the farm and to the neighbouring community as they continually broke out of the farm.

Credit: Prime Video

Lisa, Hogan, Clarkson’s partner took to Instagram to share an update on two cows that would soon be in the restaurant saying: “These are our short-horn cows and they are gorgeous apart from one attack cow which was eaten but we have a new attack cow,”

“These are all the girls which are very happy and then we have two about to go up to the restaurant so you can enjoy a hamburger soon or steak.”

Fans of the show were quick to ask the fate of Pepper the Cow, which had become a favourite of Clarkson’s who decided to keep it as a pet.

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One user asked: “Please give us a little Pepper sighting!” with others worrying about the fate of the livestock.

The official Diddly Squat Farm responded by saying that Pepper was ‘very’ much alive with Lisa even responding herself saying “Of course”.

The Diddly Squat Farm’s restaurant is referred to in the video as a “mobile restaurant” at the Big View.

Watch clip of Pepper the Cow here:

In other news, Clarkson was asked whether he would buy the rights to ‘Top Gear if it was to be cancelled following Freddy Flintoff’s accident to which he had quite a blunt response.

Taking to Twitter, one fan Tweeted: “@JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond @MrJamesMay. Now that Top Gear is cancelled, is there a chance you can buy the naming rights and maybe return as a trio??? please.. pretty please?”

Clarkson response to the tweet was fair enough really – writing: “Er. We never went away. The three of us are still very much at it.”

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